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In November 2002, Apago introduced PDF Enhancer, a powerful production tool for PDF document assembly and preparation tasks. The product has received. No matter whether you perform a couple of tasks or a complex multi-step production, PDF Enhancer provides the functionality to automate the process and save. Home · Company Profile · What's New · Products · PDF Enhancer · PDF Shrink · PDF Constructor · PDFspy · PSServices · Switch · Custom Development. Apago. About Configurators Screenshots Flows. PDF Enhancer streamlines the creation of PDF documents by automating the most common PDF document.

We review Acrobat 8 Professional (pre-release) and PDF Enhancer 3.1 for optimizing PDF files. The new Acrobat features faster operations, smaller What's New · Products · PDF Enhancer · PDF Shrink · PDF Constructor · PDFspy · PSServices · Switch · Custom Development PDF Enhancer Downloads. Apago provides innovative software solutions for the manipulation of PDF, PostScript, and common graphics formats. Our product line ranges from simple desktop. PDF Shrink is a must-have for consumers and small businesses that need to produce PDFs at a quality and file size appropriate for use with smartphones PDF Enhancer can add a stamp or watermark to PDF pages. The stamp can be placed either on top of (overlay) or underneath (background) the page content. Jan 30, 2015 Apago's PDF Enhancer is meant to be used by people who want to produce PDF documents and want to get things done as quickly as possible. PDF Enhancer is a high-volume software utility that optimizes PDFs for a particular purpose. PDF Enhancer automates the most common document assembly and preparation. Announced the release of PDF Enhancer version 2.5 for Mac OS X and Windows in PDF Enhancer 2.5 includes new document optimization and assembly. Is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would

PDF Enhancer helps you take a single "general purpose" PDF file and target it to a specific use - Print, Web and more. Each Target consists of a collection. How do you clear PDF watermark images? Harish writes - "Is there a way to delete the watermarks that appear in some of the Adobe PDF files." Though PDF Enhancer is available in two editions. The Professional Edition, priced at 9, supports all basic enhancement, security, and size reduction capabilities.

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